A Digital Entrepreneurs Packing List

Early this week I made the exciting but uncomfortable transition from working in a familiar office space where internet access is lightning fast, coffee is 3-steps away and my routine is somewhat predictable to something completely different.

While in SE Asia, we’ll be on the move every few days—train, plane or bus—internet access will likely be slower or absent for short periods of time and my routine will be up in the air on an almost daily basis. As I finish off this post, it’s 7 AM and my wife and kids are still asleep.

One of my biggest expectations is that this adventure will force me to be more organized and productive than ever before. Although I’m supposed to be taking something resembling a vacation, I still have plenty of work to do and big plans for the summer and fall that need to fall into place.

Business plans aside, you might be wondering what a digital entrepreneur packs for 60 days on the road. Here’s my list of almost everything I brought with me on our trip through SE Asia:

My Pack

After reading a ton of reviews I made the decision to go with the Osprey FarPoint 40 (as did my wife). Our kids both went with different packs that were more size appropriate. Packing light was my number one objective. I wanted to keep my total pack weight down to 7kg or less so it could qualify for carry-on luggage. Sometime in the future, and once we’ve used them a little more, I write a more in-depth review.

With the exception of a small check-in bag that contained our sunscreen and bug spray, all four of our packs came in within a pound of the weight limit. I’m only a few days in but so far I’m super pleased with my baggage decision. Of course, the kids hate their packs unless someone else is carrying it for them.


My philosophy with clothing was simple: If I forget it or don’t bring enough, I can always buy more while I’m away. My packing list included just the bare essentials:

  • 4 t-shirts
  • 1 collared shirt
  • 4 pairs of socks
  • 6 pairs of underwear
  • 1 pair of pants
  • 1 pair of shoes
  • 1 Hat
  • Toiletries

Digital Tools

While I was hoping to pack my iMac and dual monitor setup it just wasn’t feasible in a 40L pack. Instead, I decided on the following basic technology stack:

  • 13.3” MacBook Air – Although the technology is a little old thanks to Apple’s lack of updates, I’ve been pleased with the performance so far. I can definitely make this work for two months though if our trip were any longer I think something with a little more processing power would be a better choice. I also picked up a light-weight sleeve from Amazon Basics that work well and weight next to nothing.
  • Tiles – Carrying my business around in my backpack meant I wanted to take a few extra precautions. I read about tiles just before I leaving and ordered a pack of 4 so I could keep closer tabs on my essentials.
  • Targus World Power Travel Adapter – After plenty of reading and trying to make sense of the power situation overseas I went with this super-light adapter which so far has worked great.
  • iPhone 7 – For now I’ve switched from Android back to Apple. Time will tell whether this was a smart choice. One thing I am really happy with though is going with the iPhone 7 instead of 7plus. A smaller, lighter phone is a nice change and far I really don’t miss the extra screen so far.

Other than some miscellaneous bits like cables and extra battery packs that’s pretty much the extent of what’s in my pack. It amounts to considerably less than what I would typically take with me for a 3-day trip 100km from home.

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